While browsing through a store with my wife a few years ago, I saw a sign that read,

"Relax, it's just sex."Loving couple

Let's be honest. For many of us in North America, sex is considered a taboo topic for general discussion. Even if you were raised in a somewhat open or liberal environment, you probably never heard anything about sex until you were in the sixth grade at school and even then, it was a topic of speculation and theory amongst the pre-pubecent populus of your classmates.


Well, I have good news! Sex is natural . . .  Why not embrace it and enjoy this God given pleasure?


I find it comical that while sex is the least discussed topic in our culture, not a person alive today got here without someone having sex. 


The countries in South America are known for their sexual openness. Down there, sex is considered a natural and vital part of their culture. Unlike many North Americans, our friends down south celebrate their sexuality . . . and they know just how to keep their "equipment" in perfect working order without risking their life and health with super expensive and dangerous drugs.


If you're ever in Lima, Peru, be sure and visit the "El Parque del Amor" (the park of love)

You'll see this very public display of affection right there in Mira Flores. You'll also notice couples Parke De Amorenjoying the beautiful ocean view and being engaged in more PDA. It just comes natural to them . . . and it should come natural to all of us.


You don't need dangerous drugs to maintain or boost your manliness

The Amazon jungle has long been known as the source of many of today's so-called "miracle" drugs. But big pharma can't patent natural remedies and make billions so they take what the Amazon gives them for free, breaks it down into its molecular components, reassembles the molecules in a patenable structure and then sells it for a fortune. Such is the case with Peruvian guanarpo macho.


Peruvians have been enjoying this 100% natural sex tonic for centuries

They take this natural herb to keep them "on point" and provide the natural components needed to make sure their manhood is kept in excellent working order throughout their entire lives. They don't pay $42 a pill or worry about a painful artificial erection either or worse, having sudden heart attack due to a side effect.


"They don't pay $42 a pill or worry about a painful artificial erection lasting for hours either or worse, having their blood pressure drop to dangerously low levels. Why would you?


Here are just a few of the many benefits users of Peruvian Guanarpo Macho have reported.


  • Helps with premature ejaculation
  • Acts as a narual male sexual tonic.Loving couple
  • Helps in muscle recovery.
  • Helps ease fatigue.


It has recently been called "Peruvian Viagra” by the locals and is as popular in Peru as a male aphrodisiac as muira puama is in Brazil for the same purpose.


Herbalists and practitioners in Peru believe that huanarpo macho can block alpha-adrenoreceptors which reduce the effect of hormones that cause vasoconstriction of blood vessels in penile tissues and augment the production of norepinephrine which is essential in maintaining erectile function. 


"Why not just inject or apply real testosterone?"


Using testosterone injections, gels, creams and implants can be dangerous and often cause a spike in estrogen too. Guanarpo helps increase testosterone levels while leaving estrogen and progesterone levels normal.



We're not going to claim that you can get the same boost in testosterone levels with Guanarpo as you can by injecting it but trying to boost it naturally carries the least health risk and provides a more long term and economical solution. Helping your body produce natural levels of hormones through supplementation is always the preferred method when possible. I'm speaking from personal experience. 


One of the downsides to injecting testosterone is that it usually causes an increase in estrogen too. That can often cancel out the muscle building/fat burning effects of the hormone and wind up adding belly fat and "man boobs"-- the exact opposite of what you're trying to do. Men who supplement with testosterone shots, creams or implants are often prescribed an estrogen antagonist in order to tamp down the up creep of estrogen. It's a vicious cycle and can cause health risks and mood swings.


lab mouse drinks water with Guanarpo Macho in it

Man or Mouse? Doesn't matter. It works for both!

In a study conducted with mice in 2003, researchers mixed 5 grams of huanarpo macho ground powder in 100 ml of water and gave it to mice to drink as their drinking water at will.


At the end of thirty days, the group of mice receiving the guanarpo macho had increased their testosterone levels significantly over the control group which only received regular water. Progesterone and estrogen levels did not increase.

These researchers attributed some of these hormonal effects to huanarpo macho's sapogenin chemicals.


In this short video, you'll see why this suggestive shaped herb is so popular down south and why Peruvian women take it too as an energy booster.


We import INKA GOLD Guanarpo from districts surrounding the Peruvian Amazon and Rio Marañon Valley 

Guanarpo macho herb


And we meet face to face with our supplier  in Peru to make sure you get only the best quality guanarpo macho available!


INKA GOLD is imported from these growing areas to assure that your supplements are the purest, most potent source available!


There are no known side effects or health risks with Peruvian Guanarpo either so you don't have to worry about those associated with most of the presecription male libido stimulators. 


Will INKA GOLD Guanarpo Macho work for you? (and or your lady?)

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When you get your bottle, put it through the paces. See if you and your lover can tell the difference. Try it as a pre/post work out supplement. Stack it with our supplements and enjoy the benefits of synergies in your battle of the bulge. One thing's for certain, the only way to lose out on the benefits is to leave here without ordering. 

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